Dr. Greg PowersBoard Advisor

    Results driven Global R&D Executive experienced in continuous and discrete manufacturing industries:  Oil Services, Specialty Enzymes and Biofuels, specialty chemicals, polymers, coatings, lighting and HVAC.  Superior business results creating products from lab to market.  Extensive experience leading complex technologies at multi-site global locations for growth, productivity, innovation and change with vision, clarity, decisiveness, and systemic implementation.  Proven leadership abilities in:


    Vice President, Global Innovation—Houston TX based 2019-Present
    Creating brand-new functionality for the corporation:  Seeking and acquiring adaptable technologies from outside the oil and gas industries focused on accelerated introduction of higher productivity, lower cost and greener products and services.  Span includes digitization, data analytics, sensors and controls, advanced materials, new chemistries and novel machines.

    Vice President, Technology—Houston, TX, 15 total sites in 14 time zones 2010-2019
    Leading corporate-wide R&D governance, strategy, budget (peak >$650+M) and intellectual property.  Created global product development cycle; built 4 laboratories in US, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore; hired ~2,000 scientists and engineers and all the business unit technology directors;  increased patent generation from 200 to nearly 1200 per year.  New product development process accelerated the cycle time and improved the quality and customer targeting of products; new product revenue increased significantly based on quantitative metrics.

    Executive Vice President—Research, Development & Biofuels Operations—San Diego, CA; Jennings,LA
    Company was a specialty enzyme developer-producer, focused on commercial manufacture of cellulosic fuel ethanol.  Biofuels segment sold to BP in 2010.  Led all R&D functions in San Diego, CA and pilot and demonstrations operations in Jennings, LA.  Developed new microbial enzyme products and processes with in-house proprietary technology; created an engineering development organization with computational modeling capability and six sigma rigor; started-up 36M gpy cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant in Louisiana.  $50M RD&E budget with ~200 scientists, engineers and operators.

    Vice President, Global Engineering—Headquartered in Farmington, CT
    Responsible for all engineering activity in global matrix organization of HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration company with $15+ B revenues.  Budget over $280M included 2,000+ engineers and 10 major product design centers.  Built world-scale design centers in Shanghai China (2006) and India (2008).  Created strategy, governance and standard work to globally align business units for optimum leverage.  Instituted six-sigma methodologies and processes and created key competencies through newly created Fellows organization.  Drove core innovation work for competitive advantage and created new competencies in modeling, power electronics, natural refrigerants, novel heat transfer surfaces and indoor air quality.  Led LCC outsourcing of non-core functions to assure focus stays on critical competencies.

    Global Technology Director—GE Betz, Trevose, PA, The Woodlands, TX, Haasrode, Belgium
    Integrated the technology function of GE Betz into GE.  Led product development, piloting & process development, regulatory affairs and customer services and analytical for GE Betz, a $1B high margin global water and process treatment chemicals and services business.  Created new services segment offering high tech non-destructive monitoring technologies leveraging existing GE technology base.  Developed 3 additional major chemical product platform thrusts significantly increasing vitality index of new product offerings.  Total projected revenue of new products  over $150M in 3 years.  275 People in 4 global locations with $30M budget.  Built new applications development laboratory in Shanghai, China.

    Business Development Manager—Technology, Wilton, CT (GESM Headquarters)
    Responsible for technology aspects of mergers and acquisitions targeting aggressive growth plan for $2B specialty chemicals business.  Performed scouting and technology analyses for over 60 targets.  Led technology due diligence and contract negotiation of technology portion for $1+B acquisition of BetzDearborn Division of Hercules, Inc. which became GE Betz.

    GE LIGHTING 1998-2001
    Global General Manager—Technology, Cleveland, OH and Budapest, Hungary
    Global organizations with 150 individual contributors and 11 managers at numerous locations:  6 in US, others in England, Mexico and Hungary.  Created the high-tech new product offerings and manufacturing processes for GE Lighting businesses:  High Intensity Discharge, Automotive, and Specialty Halogen.  Responsible for technical strategy as part of business strategy, intellectual property, product safety and conformance, sourcing qualification, joint development programs, interactions with Corporate R&D and organizational vitality and growth.

    Capital and expense responsibilities over $30M globally.  Launched 100+ new products in 2000.  Started up two completely new businesses including fundamental research, product development, process and factory design, installation and startup in 2001.

    GE PLASTICS, Structured Products 1996-1998
    Global Technology Manager, Mount Vernon, IN and Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands
    Product and Process development for extruded polymer products, primarily polycarbonate.  Global team of 21 people on 2 continents.  High performance polymeric coating systems developed with first year sales of $35M, outstanding six sigma product performance, and consistently reduced variable costs.   Temporarily served as Americas Manufacturing Manager during ~6 month transition period.  Budget responsibility over $60M and 220+ people.

    Director of Engineering R&D, Chicago, IL
    Reduced product recalls from several per year to zero by creating and instituting standard commercialization processes.  Direct savings of  ~$500,000 per year,  prevented loss of about 1% market share in this $250M business.

    E. I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO. (INC.) 1986-1995
    Technical Superintendant, LaPlace, LA 1992-1995
    Turned around failed new process startup in sold-out $200M Neoprene® monomer business.  Brought in to oversee complex new chemical process installation; organized and directed 30+ person team to overcome fundamental process and chemical flaws.  Process successfully started-up with:  40% capacity increase, 10% reduced variable cost, 2 million pounds reduced hazardous waste and increased safety index.

    Technology Supervisor and Program Manager, Wilmington, DE 1989-1992
    Led optimization of fluoropolymer process with online viscosity measurement worth $2.5M pre-tax profit.  Initiated and built pilot operation of polyester process program to reduce capital by 50%.  Systematized process for hiring Ph.D. engineers.  Obtained 50% higher acceptance rate.  Rate for minorities and females increased to 75% from about 33%.

    Research Supervisor, Wilmington, DE 1988-1989
    Guided exploratory materials programs targeting unique new products and processes with high margin business potential including:  laser induced fiber modifications to create static-free, biocidal carpets, polymeric waveguides for electro-optics, high temperature superconductors in radar arrays for aerospace.

    Program Specialist, Wilmington, DE 1986-1988
    Developed business and technical plan to enter high-temperature superconductor market.

    Supervisor, Allentown, PA
    Led teams operating five pilot plants developing new adsorption technology for high purity gas separations.  Commercialized 2 full-scale gas separation plants using novel adsorption technology with sales over $1M.

    E. I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO. (INC.) 1982-1985
    Research Engineer, Wilmington, DE
    Developed optimum liquid/liquid extractor parameters for bottlenecked H2O2 process.  New plant constructed with this design added 30% capacity to this sold-out $50M business.  Edited and published two AIChE design manuals on gas/liquid mixing design methods.

    UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, Charlottesville, VA 1980-1982
    Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
    Directed three graduate students to attain Masters Degrees in Chemical Engineering.  Obtained NSF grant for research on mass transfer and adsorption using proteins and sugar molecules as model compounds.


    Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1979
    M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1977
    Graduate Studies, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, 1974-1975
    B.S. Chemical Engineering, cum laude, University of Pennsylvania, 1974