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    Dr. Z. Ryan Tian

    Ryan earned a PhD (1998, major in Chemistry and minor in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) at UConn frommaking new nanoporous materials which resulted in a first-author paper in Science. Then, he was a postdoc at the U. of California-Davis (1998-2000) with one paper that helped the lab-leader get the Franklin Medal, and then at Sandia National Labs (2002-2004) to publish first-author papers in world-top journals e.g. Nature Materials, Nano Lett, JACS, AngewandteChem, to name a few.

    In 2000-2001 at AXT, Inc. (Fremont, CA, the USA #1 III-V semiconductor manufacturer), Ryan was the senior manager managing a R&D team and three production lines 24/7 operations (~200 people), QA/QC of raw materials ($5M/day)in and products out, raw materials supply in the market against Japanese giant Sumitomo, and built the same production-lines (~200 people) in Asia and made them as operational as theUSA’s.

    Since 2004 at the U. of Arkansas (UARK), Ryan has co-founded (i) the American Society for Nanomedicine, (ii) theArkansas Institute for Nanoscience/Engineering, (iii) J. of Nanotech for Engr. & Med (under the American Society of Mechanical Engineering or ASME), and been co-directing the UARK’s High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC). He has been directing an interdisciplinary lab at the UARK, withundergrad/grad students in Chemistry/Biochemistry, Cell/Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science/Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. To date, he published >100 papers and book-chapters (in Science, Nature Materials, PNAS, etc., H-factor 28, >5,000 times in citations), including 5 patents.

    Ryan leads the world in the bioceramic nanofibers field for solving longstanding problems in both energy and biomedical industries at ultralow cost. In nonwoven textilesectors, he has been consulting for major USA manufacturers e.g. Millken (textile maker), GE Water (water filter maker),Bridgestone (tire maker), Boston Scientific, Duracell, Dentsply-Sirona, etc.

    Ryan has helped MIT win a ~$230 million grant (the biggest ever among all federal extramural grants, as announced by the US-DOD Secretary).

    Since Jan-2020 for fighting the pandemic COVID-19 flu, Ryan has been helping lead the Covenant Business Group’sQuShell, LLC in mass-production of unique three-layer facemask with five novelties spatially integrated within an ultralow-cost of ~$0.02/each, which surpass all face masks in the market, to help lift the Response to the Coronavirus and all fluenza viruses. In parallel, Ryan has been working with the Covenant Business Group to market a new cyber-sensing-system for monitor airborne pathogens including chemicals, virus, and bacteria of greatharm to human, wirelessly on the 24/7 basis using cellphones of 4G/5G/6G.