Lael A. AlexanderBoard Advisor

    Lael A. Alexander has long had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology and electronics. He started his first venture while at the University of New Orleans where he pursued his degree in Computer Science and Industrial Design, and then went on to retool HR Analytics while serving in the United States Navy. Alexander continued to press his thumb in diverse industries, transferring his skills from the Energy industry to Oil & Gas Field Services and later into Telecom. For the aforementioned venture, Alexander was awarded the Telecom Industry Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018 following a list of industry awards that gave global recognition to his craft including the 2014 CES Innovation and Engineering Award for his contribution to the mobile industry.

    He founded his current company, Noitavonne, Inc. in 2011, and it became an award-winning global design manufacturer of high-quality, mobile hand-held devices and wireless solutions. Alexander has led Noitavonne through tremendous high growth and product development. Like many US companies (e.g., Walmart and Apple), in order to gain and maintain competitive advantages, Noitavonne has established a manufacturing presence in China with rigid quality control standards. Noitavonne also established manufacturing in the USA and in other countries. Alexander is the CEO, founder, and majority owner of Noitavonne.

    Under his leadership, Noitavonne has become the go-to Consumer Electronics Design House and Manufacturer for the world’s premier brands. Alexander has personally seeded startup capital as well as steered and remained involved in the business operations for all of his ventures.

    Prior to establishing Noitavonne, Alexander served as founder, CTO, and/or an SVP for product development and roadmap for large and successful manufacturing companies. He enjoys a broad array of senior executive level contacts in the US and abroad. Alexander has extensive experience in several other industries, including oil and gas refining, oil & gas services, 3D printing, wireless services, cloud-based platforms, and many others.

    For several years, Alexander has been and now remains one of the world’s pre-eminent original design manufacturers. He is a visionary designer and inventor of products, with the ability to take an idea to full productization quickly and expeditiously. He is also a visionary in business strategy and an expert in manufacturing and supply-side logistics in domestic and international markets across multiple industries.

    Under Alexander’s vision, direction, and leadership, Noitavonne, and its affiliates performed the research and development, invented and created all the key products for NuAirs America, and funded the start-up phase of NuAirs to the point where NuAirs now operates a manufacturing facility in Tulsa, OK, USA and is a well-positioned, established company delivering the best of breed products across multiple categories.

    Alexander is the Founder, and CEO of NuAirs Technologies and serves on the Board and the Executive Committee of the company.